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The Mask in '08 - February 12, 2008
Just what is this "Hope" Barack Obama has been peddling? I think that, whether he is aware of it or not, it's about Absolutely Free Painless Absolution for whites. We like it quick and painless. Full Article

Bury the Chains - March 03, 2006
This new book by the Adam Hochschild, who brought us King Leopold's Ghost, a devastating account of the Belgian Congo, endeavors to put a heroic spin on the efforts spanning nearly 50 years, of British Quakers and a few upper-class Anglican eccentrics to outlaw the slave trade, which the British Parliament finally did in 1834. Full Article

Sorry Jimmy, This IS the 'Real America' - November 15, 05
O yes, this country over the past 230 years has flung out oceans of words, and espoused a great many things, but the 'real America' as experienced by real people the world over is quite another place than the one Carter has enshrined in his heart. Full Article

Bombed Levees and Bleeding Hearts - September 09, 05
Seeking desperately to differentiate ourselves from those other white people, writing about our black friends, demonstrating all kinds of concern ... the facts remain. Our bleeding hearts are of no use to anybody, as my friend well knows. We can't get it together to reign in this government. We still get to decide whether we let the suffering of the people 'down there' impinge on our meditations. We still get all the goodies associated with our privilege. Full Article

Blood Story - April 30, 05
It is not surprising that blood would be our first, most diverse, and most potent cultural symbol, or that the deities that would eventually appear are similarly various: life-giving and death-dealing, light and dark, all-this, and all-that. These deities are female, and serpentine in form: the snaking flow of rivers, the flow of menstrual blood. We have from earliest days associated blood with fertility and nourishment, with relatedness, with our human essence. Full Article

Chancellor Brown Goes to Africa - January 17, 05
Whether the theme is 'democracy-building' in Iraq, or 'saving' Africa, whether military aggression or rice is being delivered, the assumptions and motives remain the same. And because this is the case, because no shift has taken place in Western attitudes towards the colonized and formerly colonized world, all 'Marshall Plans for Africa" and "Millenium Goals" are like a poisoned apple: Full Article

Safe - October 23, 04
I heard a commentator today say that all substantive issues have drained out of the 2004 presidential election, and that the whole thing is boiling down to a few voters' perception of which candidate will make them/keep them safe. It's all come down to fear. Full Article

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